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To ignite learning, is to build a passion and deep desire to learn that lasts a lifetime.  Students will explore project-based topics which interest them as individuals and shape passions into powerful learning experiences connected to course standards and expectations.  We believe in high degrees of student choice and independence as well as the responsibility associated with both.


Leadership is built through opportunities for student actions, including creativity, confidence, and 21st Century skills. Students will engage in authentic community-based issues while spending time with content experts located within our local community. Students will work collaboratively with both peers and professionals to gain leadership skills not often accessible in the traditional classroom. They will build “soft” skills necessary for success in 21st Century career pathways.


Achieving excellence results from setting high goals and expectations of success for all. Students will manage rigorous projects and learn within the context of solving real problems. We have high expectations for rigor and content standard proficiency. It is not enough to learn simple content – we push our students to expand upon base-level knowledge to take action resulting in a lasting impact in the student’s life as well as the local community.

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Spark Class Hours
- Monday - Friday: 1 PM - 3PM
- Saturday + Sunday: Email at spark@nfv.k12.ia.us

600 N Pine St, West Union, IA 52175

Phone Number : 563-422-3851


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Phone Number : 563-422-3851

600 N Pine St, West Union, IA 52175

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